Catch the broadcast premiere of Ken Burns's newest film THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA'S BEST IDEA

September 3, 2009, 9:17 am

There’s been a buzz all summer long about Ken Burns's newest film, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.” Sneak peaks, events and news stories nationwide are stirring up a renewed interest in national parks and creating much anticipation for the film’s broadcast premiere on September 27.

The documentary was filmed over a span of six years, in our country’s most treasured and iconic parks—from Acadia to Yosemite, the Everglades to Denali, and the Grand Canyon to Shenandoah. The film highlights the lives of people, from all walks of life, who dedicated their time, and sometimes life, to protecting and saving the land that they loved. It tells the stories of the scientists, politicians, soldiers, natives, idealists, artists and entrepreneurs who made our National Park System what it is today.

The six-episode series directed by Ken Burns and written and co-produced by Dayton Duncan will premiere on September 27th at 8 p.m. on your local PBS channel, and new episode will air every week for six weeks.

If you just can’t wait until the end of the month to learn more about our national parks, pick up a copy of America’s Best Idea: A Photographic Journey Through Our National Parks.

To learn more about the film and to put in an advance order for a copy, check out the PBS website.