Keeping It Green at the Beach

August 6, 2009, 1:53 pm

With the temperature heating up, more and more people are seeking relief at the beach. Your next trip to the beach can be both fun for you and helpful for the environment. Keeping it green at beaches ensures that the water stays blue, so take a look at these tips to see how you can make your next visit green!

Watch Your Impact: You can be green at the beach by leaving nothing behind after your outing and following beach rules (like using walkovers instead of walking on dunes). Also, respect wildlife. Although the wildlife may seem interesting, the best way to stay eco-friendly is to not disturb them. Be sure to follow the Leave No Trace principles.

Green Beach Gear: If you’re planning on having a picnic while at the beach consider using reusable tableware. Check out the line of affordable Preserve Tableware that might be perfect for your next picnic at the beach. Save money and the environment by bringing reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic water bottles. Green Toys also offers you the chance to make sure your children are being eco-friendly too with their sand play set.  Organic beach towels and sunscreen can be found at Sea Glass Organic.  

Homemade Snacks: Instead of buying processed food at the beach and causing extra waste, why not pack your own healthy snacks to lessen your impact? Before coming to the beach stop at your local produce market and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables. Carrots and celery make excellent snack options. While at home you can also prepare sandwiches to bring along to the beach—they don’t require utensils nor leave behind waste.

Carpool: Instead of traveling in different cars, why not all travel together? You could also think about using public transportation, which is much better for the environment.

Environmentally Geared Podcasts: Podcasts are great because they’re free and do not contribute to waste. You can learn about the environment and the green movement through several free podcasts. The Environmental Protection Agency provides “green tips” podcasts on how to stay environment-friendly.

Volunteer: There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer at beaches across the country. Just contact the beach nearest you and find out how you can make a difference.