Augmented Reality: Zeal Ski Goggles

March 17, 2010, 11:29 am

When Avatar came out this winter in 3-D (and IMAX for the truly lucky) just about everyone on the block ran as fast as they could to see it. They're still running! And not just once or twice mind you, some people I know (generally sane people I might add) shelled out the extortionist fees as many as five times to get another glimpse of the larger-than-life Na'vi world.  WHY? What makes this particular film such a profound cinematic necessity for even the staunchest sci-fi detractors? The answer is actually very simple… Avatar is something different.

Every once in a while, we're turned on to a new idea that in fact serves as a categorical game-changer--or perhaps opens a new category altogether. Some of these product takes are really just subtly "better mousetraps," while others do away with the need for a mousetrap at all. Either way, we take notice and never look back... No matter if you're talking about advanced cinematographic technology, or the convertable hiking pant, the world has been blessed with something different, and you deserve to know about it!

Since winter isn't over for all of us (and some are actually hoping it lingers a bit longer) let's take a look forward at the ZEAL SPPX Series of ski goggles as an example of something subtly, yet profoundly different. The Zeal line is in most respects much like other top-end goggles out there. They look good, fit well, and have a great warranty and nice face coverage, etc. But the SPPX is the only product out there with a lens that is both polarized and photochromatic. There's the difference! 

So what you say?  I'll tell you what, show me the mountain with consistent conditions from run to run, hour to hour, day to day, and maybe then we'll talk. In the meantime for the rest of us who ski, board, kite, and play in generally varied conditions on snow or ice here's why the SPPX lens is different. The tint automatically adjusts to the level of brightness you're in, transitioning in seconds from a near-clear 13 percent opacity to 43 percent when you drop from the trees into the sun and back again. Transition™ lenses have been around in eyeglasses for a while, but the long-awaited shift to the performance goggle category is now upon us.  Reap the rewards, and you'll thank (and Zeal) later! 

Get a pair for yourself, or if you still need more convincing, check out the product demo!

Happy spring skiing!