The “Chicago-Style” Hot Dog

May 25, 2010, 8:44 am

It’s easy to imagine sitting around a campfire, one hand holding a hot dog on the end of a long stick, the other hand grasping a bun that eagerly awaits a slightly burned specimen of Oscar Meyer. The mustard and ketchup wait on the picnic table behind you, anticipating the moment where they can finally do what they were born to do: smother your dinner, drip from your fingers and stain your perfectly white t-shirt.

While this camping/barbeque ritual happens constantly during the summer months, maybe it’s time to rethink your tradition. If you’ve ever paid a visit to the Windy City and Wrigley Field, you’ll find a hot dog dressed to the hilt in a tuxedo of celery salt and sweet relish. It will change you. It’s just that good.  

So next time you find yourself shopping for your next camping adventure, try it “Chicago Style.”

You’ll need:
Sweet Relish
Pickle Spears
Celery Salt (the key)
Chopped Onions (Vidalia works best)
KOSHER dog (trust me, it’ll make all the difference)
Poppy Seed Hot Dog Bun
Sport Pepper (pickled sorrano)

Place the grilled dog in the poppy seed bun, fit in two slices of tomato between the hot dog and the top of bun, place the pickle between the hot dog and the bottom of the bun, then top the hot dog with relish, mustard, sport pepper and onions. Sprinkle the whole thing with celery salt, then sit down on a park bench and ascend to culinary nirvana.


Great job, y'all!!! Spoken like a true Southsider, somoeone like me who always seeks out the mainstay foods of my home town. Glad to see you used sweet relish, the closest commercial thing to the "nuclear green"  in Chicago. The only way you could of improved the recipe would be steaming the bun, a true art if you don't know how tro do it.

Also glad to see you approach it here, as Chicago hot dogs are truly a national treasure.

Chuck and Chico