‘Red-Tails in Love’ tells a tale of Wildlife in the City

March 17, 2010, 7:40 am

Urban legends may propel the belief that New York City’s only wildlife species are pigeons, rats and squirrels, but we’ve actually got all kinds of critters living in the parks and wildlife refuges throughout the city. Bald eagles, raccoons, screech owls, turtles, tree frogs, beavers coyotes and many other species call the Big Apple home.

Of all these animals, though, some of the city’s most beloved creatures are Pale Male and Lola, our resident red-tailed hawks, who became famous when they built a nest on the ledge of a Fifth Avenue apartment building, high above Central Park.

Over the past decade, New York City has watched as Pale Male, Lola, and many other red-tailed hawks go about their day-to-day life in our bustling city.

For a glimpse into the life of a city raptor, we recommend first perusing this website of gorgeous images of New York City’s red-tails, and then picking up a copy of Red-Tails in Love: A Wildlife Drama in Central Park.

The book by journalist Marie Winn is a compelling story about the couple and the birdwatchers who look on as Pale Male and Lola build a nest and raise a family in their New York City home. It traces the trials and tribulations faced by the hawks, and the reactions of the birdwatchers who quickly became enthralled with them.

In addition to the book, Winn also maintains a blog about nature in the city, where she provides regular updates on Pale Male and Lola, including photos of the nest where they’re currently incubating another set of eggs.

If you still haven’t had enough, you’ll be glad to know that the book will soon be made into a movie. There isn’t much information available yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for details, and post more information when it’s available.