What's Your Favorite Summer Getaway?

July 28, 2010, 9:33 am

What's your favorite park for a summer getaway? A big-name national park, or a more low-key state or national park closer to home?

Submit your favorite weekend getaway park and activity in the comments section below, and we'll choose one person at random to receive a free pair of Leki custom hiking poles!


I have enjoyed many experiences in the national parks in the past, but my last trip, and first one to Glacier National Park will forever stay in my memory as one of the best!! 

This was the first hiking experience since having had two back surgeries since 2003 that left me with left leg pain which worsened with exertion and was the most painful when walking uphill. I could not stand the pain for long and it limited me and left me unable to enjoy the beauty of our countries parks except from roads.

One year ago I found a treatment that gave me lasting relief and my husband and I planned a trip to Glacier National Park. We planned several hikes which tested my recovery and I was just awestruck by the beauty and pristeen scenery hiking down to Hidden Lake in Glacier. We also hiked with Ginny a very engaging and knowledgable ranger, most of the way to Ptarmegan Falls, but we left the group at a stop prior to the falls to go it alone at our own pace which surprisingly was quicker than the groups pace!! I learned a great deal from Ginny about the parks history and the wildlife.

I was so proud and happy when we reached Ptarmegan tunnel!! I made it in good time and now have the hiking bug!!We plan to return and this time I will bring poles for hiking as I found I did need something to assist me, but with training and the pull of our nations parks we will return to Glacier and plan to see many more parks in the future.

And the winner is...Deborah LaFevers. Be on the lookout for a pair of American Park Network hiking poles on your doorstep!

Thanks everyone for sharing -- we'll have another contest next month!

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When I lived in Pittsburgh, I loved hiking in the Allegheny National Forest. Now, I live near Los Angeles, and I spend a lot of time in the Sierras. I love Sequoia N.P. and King's Canyon N.P. We just spent a week in the Inyo National Forest. Hiking, exploring the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and marvelling at the ancient petroglyphs in the general area. We attended the annual Open House at the White Mountain Weather Research Station at Barcroft. And we even hiked up toward the White Mountain Summit.  The views and environment are incredible!!!

The Bear Creek trail a National Recreation Trail two miles south of Ouray, Colorado. Very scenic. But not for first time hikers or those with venturesome children. Very beautiful....

We love Carlsbad St. Beach in California for a weekend getaway. Its perfect to get us out of the desert heat and you can't beat camping on the bluff overlooking the beach with family and friends. Our favorite National park is and always will be Yellowstone. Its got a little bit of everything for the whole family and end of picture opportunities.

Coopers Rock State Forest, Morgantown, WV

Silverfalls State park, Silverton oregon

Our favorite place is Rocky Mountain National Park.  Great trails, waterfalls and lots of animals.  The west side of the park is not as busy but it is gorgeous.

We love Tuscarora State Park in PA! We stay there in a yurt every summer. There's a beautiful lake, great hiking trails, and we love meeting the other campers!

My favorite place anywhere is the Summerland trail in July on Mt. Rainier.  The views are awesome (for real) and the wildflowers are spectacular! 

My favorite summer getaway that is close to my home is Bandelier National Park in NM.  It is so beautiful there.  Wonderful hiking trails, as well as leisurely walks through the ruins where the Anazazi's lived.

I love going to Yellowstone.  No AC needed!

In the summer, we always get away to the Smoky Mountains Park.  There are a few places we visit every year like Cades Cove and the Metcalf Bottoms picnic area...and then we always find new spots to explore! 

Hiking in the Smoky Mountain National Park in Pigeon Forge, TN