Book Review: America's National Wildlife Refuges: A Complete Guide

October 12, 2011, 9:42 am

In honor of National Wildlife Refuge Week (Oct. 9-15) we crack open the master guidebook on the subject. From Taylor Trade Publishing comes America’s National Wildlife Refuges: a complete guide by Russell D. Butcher. The book is in its second edition and provides history, detailed features and contact for National Wildlife Refuges.

The primary feature that makes the guide a must-have is that it contains information about 530 refuges nationwide. The book is comprehensive, something desired by every traveler. Whether you are setting out to your local refuge or trying to plan a trip with multiple stops across the country, the guidebook will become your go to source.

The guide kicks off with a few chapters focusing on the history of refuges as well as the vanishing wetlands. The background is a quick read that sets up just what these protected lands are all about. Divided into “featured” and “other” refuges chapters, make sure to check both sections if you think your desired refuge is missing. With over 400 pages, the guide offers detailed descriptions on every refuge in the country in one guide.

The one main drawback about the guide is that it is text heavy. The book features four pages of photographs from a variety of refuges across the country. If you are looking for maps to the refuges, this guide might not be the one for you.