Games for the Hitting the Outdoors with the Kids!

July 6, 2011, 2:57 pm

Get your kids outside this summer with some new games!

If you’re searching for something fun to get the kids for their next birthday while simultaneously getting them outside, check out The site sells products such as birdfeeders, butterfly kits, geocaching vests and gardening tools. Spice up their outdoor experience with both fun and educational items. If you are going beyond your backyard, the site sells a scavenger hunt kit to Yosemite National Park for $12.

Parents can also download a free Educational Expeditions ebook with ideas about what to do in the great outdoors. The site also offers advice on a variety of topics involving kids and nature. If your child is already loves venturing out into the great outdoors and exploring nature, try getting their siblings and friends involved to make the experience even more memorable.



National Parks Games

After a long day of road tripping, hiking or climbing, nothing tops coming back to a warm campfire. After campfire songs and roasting s’mores, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a creature comfort. National Parks Yahtzee is an entertaining and portable game that can get everyone bonding before bedtime. This old favorite with a new spin is the perfect game to take on a camping trip. The dice have camping theme items instead of numbers: trees, tent, hiking, canoe and more!

Everything fits into the Yahtzee cylinder, about the size of a soup can, for amazing portability and easy clean up. Still not convinced? A portion of the sales goes to the National Park Foundation! Not a huge fan of Yahtzee? Yosemite Conservancy also sells National Parks Scrabble and Uno.



Ranger Rick Geocaches

Hiking is one of my favorite activities, but every now and again I love to go out looking for geocaches. Honestly, there are times where I can’t even find the darn thing! Taking kids out geocaching can be a little bit of a letdown if the cache is too difficult to find.

The National Wildlife Foundation has launched Ranger Rick Geocaches, which are not only kid appropriate but also an extremely educational experience for both child and parent. Kids ages 6-14 are encouraged to not only search for geocaches, but also be hosts! The GPS treasure hunting activity is a fun and exciting way to find places you’ve never visited.

The geocaches also include a wildlife game with Ranger Rick and his pals. Print out a Ranger Rick passport before heading out and use the clues in the box to figure out which one of Ranger Rick’s friends have visited! Get a stamp each of the geocaches to complete the passport. Don’t forget to bring along small items so the kids can exchange for a new treasure at the geocache.


Snipe Game

The Snipe Hunt Game is a game of hide and seek that involves finding the plastic “Snipe” creature before your opponent. Based off the popular camping prank of "find the snipe", this time you are actually searching for something real. The game turns the backyard into a hiding ground and a friendly competition. Find your opponent’s snipe and return it to the base before your friend does.

After a certain amount of time, each snipe makes a noise and its eyes light up to help you better discover its hiding place. The small, bunny-like creatures make for an easy to hide and fun to search for animal. If it’s a rainy day, you can still play the snipe game inside. If you are playing with children, be sure to set ground rules about where the snipe can be hidden to keep them safe!

For more interesting hide and seek game, play at night and allow the lights and sounds of the snipe guide you to its hiding place. Perfect for daytime or after the night campfire, the Snipe Game encourages exploration and creativity!

Made by Education Outdoors, this game was awarded the 2010 Game of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. The game can be played with just two players or teams of multiple players. Get the whole family together and make a competition!