Gear Review: Kelty Kid Carrier

April 14, 2011, 11:01 am

Time was, putting your baby in a backpack carrier was only a means of transporting the wee-one and keeping your hands free for things like, well… everything else! Nowadays, a lot of the carriers out there are veritable childcare multi-tools, and may make you think twice about the stroller altogether.

We put the Kelty FC 3.0 Carrier to the test this past winter in order to report in time for the start of heavy hiking season. I am pleased to report that both baby and daddy are happier, healthier people for the experience. If only they made cribs!

The line’s unique auto-deploy kickstand makes loading a snap, and frankly not a bad place for snack time if you don’t get out of the house on the dot. The anodized aluminum frame is sturdy and the five-point harness system with padding in all the right places help make the pack both comfy and ultra safe! Even though this pack is a bit heavier on its own than some others, personally I found the weight displacement extremely easy to manage. Finley (the 14 mo. old baby on board) spent most of her time cooing and pointing out squirrels – sure signs of contentedness.

Separated storage pockets help compartmentalize all of your baby necessities, and leaves plenty of room for daddy and mommy needs. Particularly helpful is the pocket under the seat. Smart! The included diaper pad seemed unnecessary at first as no well-trained dad ever leaves home without one… but of course this one did. Very smart! We didn’t get to put the sun hood to use, but given Finley’s pension for playing “toss the hat into the mud” I’m sure we will all summer long. Only one suggestion for the next iteration would be a storage pouch on the shoulder strap. Yes, for my iPhone.

Okay, get outside already, baby and all. No more excuses (at least not of the carrying kind)!