Shoe Review: TrekSta Assault GTX

November 21, 2011, 12:15 pm

When I popped off the top of the shoebox and saw the TrekSta Women’s Assault GTX, I thought these shoes could survive anything. The imposing looking shoes had my back right from the get-go. With high tops and a good weight, these aren’t for a Saturday stroll. Lacing them up was a snap and I couldn’t wait to get a little mud on them.

When I started scaling the Catskills, I found the HyperGrip soles navigated the soggy leaves with ease and allowed me to avoid sliding around. The shoes have weight to them, so if you looking for a light hiker then pick another shoe. The 16 oz. per shoe makes them durable, sturdy and protect the feet extremely well. They are perfect for any type of tough trek you are planning, especially those long ones.

I enjoyed these shoes because I can use them for any season. I don’t like to have to buy a new pair of shoes each time the months change. With HyperGrip for the winter, Goretex for the rainy spring and the high tops for those summer hikes, I’ve found a nice pair of boots. I got mine a little big because I like having room for my feet to breathe.

My hiking comrades asked me if the shoes were truly waterproof and I told them I’d test them out. I sloshed my new warriors out into the lake, standing about ankle deep. Much to my surprise, my socks were still dry. It’s generally extremely hard to find a pair of boots that are truly waterproof. It's never fun to slosh your way back to camp. Overall, these are great shoes for challenging hiking.

As a reminder, one of the most common mistakes people make is while hiking is that they do not wear proper socks with higher hiking boots and end up getting blisters. There’s nothing worse than getting a mile into the hike and feel something uncomfortable rubbing against your skin. A universal truth that most forget is to always pack socks of the appropriate length.