Gear Review: Coleman NXT 300 Grill

August 13, 2013, 9:13 am

The organizing principle of RV camping is getting to spend time in the great outdoors without sacrificing the creature comforts of home—hot showers, comfy beds, even television and internet for those who don’t want to unplug. One of the many RV creature comforts, your kitchen on wheels, may not be everyone's idea of comfortable. Galley kitchens are tough when cooking large meals and can be challenging to work in, especially if you are entertaining a large group (if you learned to cook in a New York City studio apartment or a submarine, you probably won't even notice). Even in more generously appointed models, though, why would you cook inside when you can prepare your meals al fresco?

Enter the Coleman NXT300 Grill, the perfect solution to make the most of your RV cooking experience. This stylized grill packs a punch in a very small form factor. There's a trusted formula for reliable grilling: high BTUs plus even heat distribution equals great burgers. The NXT 300 delivers, boasting 20,000 BTUs across its 320-plus square inches of cooking area. Heat is evenly distributed thanks to dual heat cores located above the burners and its integrated thermometer to monitor temperature and prevent unnecessary lid flipping, the inexplicable feeling that many grillers get to constantly check out their meat. You don't need to. You can operate the grill with a small, easy to manage 16.9-ounce cylinder or with a larger 20-pound tank, depending on how much space you have.

Coleman claims that you can cook 18 burgers at a time, but space is a little tight. Fifteen is probably more realistic, especially if you aren't the best burger flipper. Meat's not your thing? The grill's versatile design allow you to switch out the grated cooktop for a stove or griddle (both sold separately), perfect for breakfast or making campsite coffee. And when you're ready to roll in for the night, the grill can roll in, too. Just fold in half and put it in your closet/storage (its grease cup even swivels to prevent from spilling, though I'd empty it regularly, just to be on the safe side).

And if you think it's great for summer camping, you can only imagine how much fun you'll have when you are tailgating this summer. Roll Tide? Roll Grill!


I want this and I need this.  Love to grill out when camping.  It's perfect.