Allegheny National Forest

Allegheny Wild and Scenic River

The National Parks and Recreation Act (PL-95-625) authorized study of the Allegheny River in 1978. As the lead agency, the USDA Forest Service, (Allegheny National Forest) carried out the study intermittently between 1980 and 1990. The study concluded that 86.6 miles of the Allegheny, in three segments located in Warren, Forest and Venango counties, were suitable for inclusion in the National System. All three segments received designation with a recreational classification.

Outstanding values along the Allegheny include three basic features:

· Scenic values - narrow, sharply winding valley with 17 district focal landscapes and strong spatial enclosure in the lower reaches.

· River Islands - over 100 islands between Kinzua Dam and Oil City with significant ecological, scenic and recreational features. Seven of these islands, totaling 368 acres, comprise the Allegheny Islands Wilderness, the smallest federally-designated Wilderness in the United States.

· Cultural Values - approximately 135 potentially significant historic and prehistoric sites, in addition to four sites already on the National Register.