Allegheny National Forest

Black Cherry National Interpretive Trail

Welcome to the Black Cherry National Recreation Trail located at the Twin Lakes Recreation Area. The main loop is 1.0 miles in length, with a short loop off the main trail that adds another 0.4 miles. This trail provides access to the Twin Lakes Hiking Trail, which takes hikers to the Tionesta Scenic Area, 16.5 trail miles away.

Hiking the Trail: The trail passes through a typical Allegheny hardwood forest, consisting of black cherry, white ash, red and sugar maple, beech, black birch and hemlock. Understory shrubs are predominantly serviceeberry, striped witch-hazel, ironwood and hophorn beam. A wide variety of wildflowers and other herbaceous plants pervade the area.

Wildlife that may be observed include white-tailed deer, black bear, porcupine, skunk, squirrel, oppossum and a large variety of songbirds.

Regulations: The trail is marked with off-white diamond markers. Forest trails policy prohibits the use of saddle, pack or draft animals on hiking trails.

Safety: The skill level of this hiking trail is easy. Practice no trace ethics - pack it in, pack it out, and for sanitary disposal of wastes, dig a pit on flat ground at least 6 inches deep and at least 200 feet from water.

These trails are open for winter hiking. Remember to dress in layers appropriate for the weather conditions. Be aware that these trails are used heavily in the late fall and spring by hunters. It is a good idea to wear bright fluorescent colored clothing if hiking during these time periods.

For emergencies, CALL 911. The nearest hospital is located in Kane (north on SR 321). The nearest telephone is also located in Kane.

Boiling water before consumption is recommended.

Please report any unsafe trail conditions such as downed trees and missing signs or trail markers directly to the Ridgway Office at 814-776-6172. We appreciate your support.

Volunteers: If you, a friend, or your club are interested in volunteering to help maintain this trail area, please contact the Ranger District.

Customer service: The Ridgway and Kane communities are full-service communities.

For more information on this and other trail opportunities, contact local Tourist Promotion Agencies or Forest Service Offices.


The trailhead parking lot is located just prior to entering Twin Lakes Recreation Area. Parking is on the right and the trail can be accessed on the left.