Allegheny National Forest

Clarion River

Gamefish: brown trout and smallmouth bass. Brook trout can be found near the mouths of stocked tributaries. In general, brown trout inhabit the area upstream of Portland Mills, while the downstream section transitions into a warm-water fishery.

Camping: There are several dispersed campsites along the north shore of the river that are within the Allegheny National Forest. There are also a variety of private camping areas along the river - check local Tourist Promotion Agencies for contacts. Be sure to respect private landowner rights, and only camp and park on public land.

Map: Topographic maps are available at all Forest Service offices, or you may order on-line, or by phone to (814) 723-5150.

Comments: the Clarion River is very picturesque. It is part of the federal Wild and Scenic River System, encompassing 52 miles in two sections from Ridgway to Piney Dam. Historically a very acidic stream, the Clarion's water quality has improved tremendously over the last thirty years to the point where the upper 8.5 miles of the river is classified as All Tackle Trophy Trout.

More Information: Contact Marienville Ranger District office at (814) 927-6628.


State Route 949 parallels much of the river. Canoes and small fishing boats are able to navigate much of the river during higher flows. During the summer, canoeing can be difficult due to long, shallow stretches. Portions of the river can be waded at this time. There are several canoe and small boat launches along the river.