Allegheny National Forest

Elk View Drive

(80 miles):

Travel south on SR 255 to Weedville.

Turn east onto SR 555, which will take you to Driftwood. Be sure to drive with care and watch for animals crossing the road. If you watch, you may see some of the elk herd which roam in this area. (You may want to turn left at Benezette and take a side trip up on Winslow Hill as the elk are often seen in the fields up there. If you take this side trip, after you to turn off SR 555, you will take the second right turn, the one next to the hotel, and follow it around and up the hill. Stay on this road until it brings you back down to SR 555.)

Continue on to Driftwood where you will pick up SR 120 North to Emporium and West to St. Marys. SR 120 is a large and better road than SR 555, but very crooked from Driftwood to Emporium. The scenery is beautiful any season. Allow time to enjoy.