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Andrew Johnson National Historic Site honors the life and work of the nation's seventeenth president. The site preserves his two homes, tailor shop, and grave site. Andrew Johnson's life exemplifies the American Dream. He worked his way from tailor to president. He stood strong for his ideals and beliefs. His presidency, from 1865 - 1869, illustrates the United States Constitution at work following Abraham Lincoln's assassination and during attempts to reunify a nation that had been torn apart by the Civil War. His work helped shape the future of the United States and his influences continue today.

During Andrew Johnson's administration, the United States purchased Alaska, annexed Midway Island, and communicated with Europe following the completion of a successful Transatlantic Cable. The British Novelist Charles Dickens and Queen Emma of the Sandwich Islands both paid visits to the White House. Andrew Johnson was also the first President to hold the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, and when he turned 60, he invited 300 children to the White House for his birthday party. Johnson also played an important role in the Trail of Tears and other forced removals of American Indians from their ancestral lands.

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    The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site honors the life of the 17th President. The visitor center houses a museum collection, Andrew Johnson's Tailor Shop, and a 13.5-minute orientation film. Visitors can tour Andrew Johnson's home. Today the house is furnished extensively with original furnishings and belongings.


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The visitors center is located on the corner of College and Depot Streets in Greeneville, TN. From I-81S take exit 36 to Route 172 south to Greeneville. From I-81N take exit 23 to Route 11E north to Greeneville. Follow the signs to the visitor center.


The closest airport is Tri-Cities, located 43 miles northeast of Greeneville.

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(423) 638-3551