Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Just For Kids


There are many hands-on things to do at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site which are both fun and educational.

What would you have worn in the 1800's?

Andrew Johnson was a tailor. This means he made clothes for the men of Greeneville in the days before people could easily buy clothes from stores. You can try on reproduction clothes from the 1800's to see how you would have looked in Andrew Johnson's time. There is a mirror, and don't forget your camera!

A Goose?

When Andrew Johnson was a tailor, he used a very heavy iron called a "goose." It was called this because of its neck crooked like the neck of a goose. These irons were very heavy and used to iron the wool suits Andrew Johnson made. You can try to pick up this goose at the Andrew Johnson museum and see how heavy it is! Be sure to listen for sounds of Andrew "working" in the Tailor Shop.

Senator For a Day

When Andrew Johnson was President of the United States, he was impeached. This does not mean he was removed from office, but it does mean he was accused of a crime and tried by the Senate. He was found "not guilty" by only one vote. When you hear the phrase "your vote counts" it is true! You can learn about Andrew Johnson's impeachment and vote as though you were a Senator in his trial at this ballot box in the Andrew Johnson Museum. You will get a copy of the ticket used to get into Andrew Johnson's trial to vote with, and after you tear off the voting tab, you can keep the copy!