Appalachian National Scenic Trail

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Goods & Services Outside of the handful of towns it passes through between ridges, there are a variety of private stores, restaurants, and lodging options available relatively close to the A.T. in many areas. Many long-distance hikers plan "town stops" every few days to refresh and resupply, visit the ...

In A Nutshell

Getting Around GENERAL REGULATIONS: The A.T. is open to walkers, hikers, and backpackers. It is closed to motor vehicles and bicycles. It is closed to horses, except in certain limited sections where they are expressly allowed. Dogs are prohibited on the sections of the Trail within the Great Smoky ...

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Planning Your Visit

PLAN YOUR VISIT AccessibilityIn general, the A.T. is not accessible to persons with disabilities. Some short sections are fully accessible. The Trail has been enjoyed by hikers with a variety of disabilities, including the blind, hearing-impaired, and hikers with a range of mobility limitations.Operating Hours & SeasonsIn general, the ...