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Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge


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Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge, established in 2001, is located in St. Mary Parish in southeast Louisiana. The 9,028 acre refuge is composed of wet bottomland hardwood laced with bayous and canals. The primary mission of the refuge is to preserve and manage habitat for the threatened Louisiana black bear. Other objectives are to provide habitat for other fish and wildlife species, environmental education, and opportunities for public recreation. The refuge provides important habitat for the Louisiana black bear, a federally threatened subspecies of the American black bear. It also provides excellent habitat for wading birds, neotropical songbirds, waterfowl, and reptiles and amphibians. The refuge is open year round to the public from sunrise to sunset, with seasonal restrictions in some areas. The refuge can be accessed by vehicle, foot, or boat. Wildlife observation, boating and fishing are allowed on the refuge year round except in areas closed to public access. Hunting is permitted on the refuge in specific areas and under date, time, and lottery restrictions

Map of Bayou Teche NWR

Latitude, Longitude: 29.807508, -91.464100



  • Boating

    Boating is allowed on refuge.

  • Bird Watching

    Wildlife species of interest include wading birds, ducks and bald eagles.

  • Auto/Motorcycle

    Please contact park services for more information.

  • Fishing

    Recreational fishing is allowed on the refuge during daylight hours. Fishing lines must be attended at all times. Commercial fishing is not allowed. Fishing is allowed from shore and from a boat in open waterways. Fisherman must also follow all State of Louisiana regulations.

  • Hiking

    Please contact park services for more information.

  • Hunting

    Hunting is allowed on the refuge. This 538th National Wildlife Refuge will offer archer deer, gun deer, gun deer for youth only, small game and waterfowl hunting. All hunters must read, sign and have in their possesion a Refuge Hunt Permit as found on the front of the Hunting and Fishing Brochure. All deer hunters must also apply for and obtain lottery permits to be issued by a random computer drawing each year. Refer to both of the refuge Hunting and Fishing Brochures below for details. No unauthorized nightime use by hunters is allowed on the refuge.

  • Wildlife Watching

    The American alligator and the Louisiana black bear are two endangered species that live in the refuge. The Louisiana black bear (Ursus americanus luteolus) is relatively abundant throughout the refuge. The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) was de-listed as an endangered species in 1987 but remains listed as threatened due to similarity in appearance to the endangered American crocodile. The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) was de-listed as a threatened species in 2007. Other wildlife species of interest include wading birds, ducks and bald eagles.



The refuge is located in the coastal Louisiana towns of Franklin, Garden City and Centerville. The refuge lands can be accessed by vehicle, boat, and foot. The refuge headquarters is located east of Franklin, Louisiana on Scenic Hwy 182. If traveling from New Orleans on Hwy 90 (Future I-49) exit at the Garden City/Franklin Exit, take Hwy 3218 to Hwy 182, Turn west (left) on Hwy 182 and proceed 1.2 miles toward Franklin. The Headquarters office trailer will be located on the left and directly across from the Alice-C Road.

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(337) 828-0092