Bear Butte National Wildlife Refuge

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Bear Butte National Wildlife Refuge

South Dakota

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Bear Butte National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was established as a limited-interest refuge in the late 1930s with the acquisition of easements from private landowners, the state of South Dakota, and the War Department (now transferred to the Bureau of Land Management at Fort Meade) to maintain an area for "migratory bird, wildlife conservation, and other purposes." The refuge is 374.20 easement acres and has no fee title.

The easement obtained from the state only applies to lands below the ordinary high-water mark of the lake. A cooperative agreement was entered into with the state on July 12, 1967, to administer, operate, and maintain the refuge pursuant to the rights and interest in real property acquired by the United States, and more particularly described in the easement agreements.

Bear Butte National Wildlife refuge is managed by Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge in Martin, South Dakota. None of the land is owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Latitude, Longitude: 44.454124, -103.442116



The area is fairly arid. Summer temperatures range, on average, between 87 F and 52 F. Winter temperatures range from 39-11 F.

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(605) 685-6508