Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Raptors of the West: Captured in Photographs

January 25, 2012, 12:53 pm

Raptors of the West: Exclusive Slideshow

Raptors of the West coverGet up close and personal with bald eagles, snowy owls, peregrine falcons and more in Raptors of the West, a stunning book of photographs by Rob Palmer, Nick Dunlop and Kate Davis. Raptors of the West includes 430 photos of birds of prey broken down by region. The photos are so detailed, you’ll almost feel like you’re face-to-face with these incredible creatures as they soar through the clear blue sky, perch on steep cliff ledges, and dive into roaring rivers.

To give you a taste of what’s in store, the publisher has shared a few of the hundreds of photos featured in the book for the slideshow below.

For more photos like these, we suggest getting your hands on a copy of Raptors of the West as soon as you can. Find a copy at a bookstore near you on

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Images from Raptors of the West