Experience the Arctic One Page at a Time

To the Arctic Photography BookGoing on an Arctic expedition may seem like a nearly impossible journey, but photographer Florian Schulz brings the distant landscape right to the coffee table. To the Arctic is the official companion book to the new IMAX film To The Arctic 3D, which will hit theaters on April 20. The book comprises a series of photographs and stunning panoramas that capture the imagination as well as the region. From aerial shots of stunning Caribous migrations to a playful seal pup enjoying the brief summer sun, the book opens readers’ eyes to a world seldom seen in person.

The large-sized book (15” x 10”) lends itself to the vast expanses of the Arctic scenery. Various seasons and diverse wildlife are portrayed with dignity and elegance, giving us a rarely seen close-up look of what life is like for its inhabitants. Breaking the stereotype of the Arctic as a desolate wasteland, Schulz frames brilliant blue ice flows, musk oxen, polar bears, whales and more.

Perhaps what makes the book even more intriguing are the unique stories from the Arctic that accompany the stunning photos. Although we see the final product of a majestic polar bear with the sun setting, the reality behind the scenes is the photographer was fighting off whipping winds, -40 degree weather and hunger pains for hours.

The book is divided into the four seasons, taking the reader through one annual cycle of life in the Arctic. Schulz’s snapshots encapsulates why the Arctic is a location that needs protection. Some of the most endangered species on the planet call the blustery caps home. With global warming and oil development threatening the area, the north is more than a place for exploitation.

Each page is more intriguing than the last, with a surprise at every turn. The photographer gracefully captures the character of the animals, such as the golden-brown eyes of the Arctic fox peering out from a snow pile. Meanwhile, the tired facial expressions of the long-haired musk oxen covered in ice illustrates the toughness necessary to survive in the harsh environment.

I myself had the pleasure of traveling up to and slightly above the Arctic Circle in the Canadian Arctic of Nunavut. This collection of photos does the landscape as much justice as a book could possibly do. I sat and got lost in the photos for quite some time, admiring the resolve of the animals that survive in the desolate tundra and ice caps. If you’re an animal lover, ardent traveler or simply interested in the Arctic, you won’t regret adding this coffee table book to your collection!

Photo: Courtesy of The Mountaineers Books / Braided River