Acadia National Park Quarter Features Maine’s Famous Coastline

Acadia National Quarter America the Beautiful QuarterThe first U.S. national park on the East Coast is now forever engraved on a coin. The Acadia National Park Quarter is the third America the Beautiful Quarter this year and the thirteenth coin in the series. As indicated by the name, this quarter—scheduled for a public release on June 11—is dedicated to the magnificent Acadia National Park in Maine. Depicted on the quarter is a quintessential New England vista: The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on a rocky ocean coastline surrounded by pine trees.

Acadia was established in 1916 and was the first national park east of the Mississippi River. Acadia boasts varied and dramatic scenery including a coastline of chiseled granite, the ocean dotted with islands, 17 mountain peaks (that together constitute the highest headlands along the eastern seaboard), close to a dozen glacial lakes and ponds, and Somes Sound, the only fjord in the contiguous 48 states.

Check back at the blog as we continue to feature other 2012 coins as they’re released. Upcoming 2012 coins are  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii) and Denali National Park (Alaska).

Image: Acadia National Park Quarter Credit: U.S. Mint

By Erica Sanderson