Beneath Cold Seas takes readers on a journey into the underwater wilderness of the Pacific Northwest

Beneath Cold Seas cover imageIn Beneath Cold Seas, one of the most impressive photography books we’ve seen in a long time, author and photographer David Hall captures the stunning underwater world of the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska, home to the most diverse and spectacular marine life of any temperate or cold-water ecosystem on the planet.

The photographs in the book capture stunningly colorful jellyfish, crabs, kelp forests, salmon, sea lions, seals, octopi, starfish, and a diverse array of other types of sea life.

Beneath Cold Seas is unique in that it focuses on a cold water North American ecosystem. But cold water does not mean lack of color. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The photographs are filled with rich orange, yellow and blue tones. Despite the many books published each year featuring underwater photography from tropical and subtropical locations, very few books that feature photographs of cold water ecosystems have ever been published. This has much to do with the challenges associated with underwater photography in cold environments.

In addition to revealing the secretive beauty of the underwater world of the Pacific Northwest, the book is also a testament to the great talents of photographer David Hall, who worked for hours in cold, murky waters to capture the amazing life below the surface.

We’ve included a slide show of some of our favorite images here. For even more amazing shots from the book, check out this video.

Images from Beneath Cold Seas