Gear Review: Moving Comfort NoChill Hoodie

Moving Comfort NoChill HoodieRunning outdoors always presents a challenge for active Americans living in cold climates. From October to March, the weather is cold, snowy, and downright miserable in many places. Icy winds and falling snow promote sledding and snowball fights, but the puffy coats and snow pants that are used for these activities are not conducive to more strenuous workouts.

For athletes, fitness lovers, and Americans invested in healthy living, staying in shape throughout the year is crucial. Running outside while surrounded by beautiful scenery is much more motivating than running on treadmills in the gym. Unfortunately, the exercise apparel used for treadmill running doesn't keep one warm enough to perform outside, nor does bulky winter-wear allow for an effective run. To enjoy the outdoors, appropriate but seasonal running apparel is crucial for a successful workout. 

This is where Moving Comfort’s NoChill Hoodie comes in to play. Of the three running jackets offered by Moving Comfort, this particular item is known for its warmth in harrowing conditions. In places with harsh winter weather, this jacket is the best choice.

The NoChill Hoodie is exceptional in that it combines the versatility of lightweight running clothes with the warmth found in the typical over-sized winter coat. When I first tried on the jacket, I was extremely surprised with how light it was, and I was doubtful of whether it would prove beneficial in the cold weather. However, I was surprised to find that the jacket is entirely wind resistant and very warm. Its form-fitting shape is great in that it follows movement and doesn’t slow down the runner. The jacket kept my muscles warm but the material was breathable and whisked away sweat. It made my run through McConnell’s Mills State Park efficient and enjoyable.

Another plus for the NoChill Hoodie is its feminine design. As a girly girl, exercising in style is always preferred, and this jacket allows me to do just that. The sides are ruched, and this gives the jacket a great shape and slimming effect for the wearer. It is designed especially for women and comes in a variety of feminine colors. 

All in all, the NoChill Hoodie is perfect for facilitating an effective workout in harsh conditions. This jacket would work best if used in very cold weather, and it may be too warm for winters in certain parts of the country. (In other areas it might be best for walking as opposed to heavy jogging or running.) Moving Comfort offers other fitness apparel appropriate for diverse climates. For female runners living in extremely cold areas, this jacket is a must for winter workouts.

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Image Courtesy of Moving Comfort