Gear Review: Wolverine Gauge boots

The Wolverine Gauge bootSnow, sleet and rain can all make hiking uncomfortable. When cold feet set in, continuing along the trail can become the last thing hikers want to do. With Wolverine Gauge boots though, cold feet are the last thing on your mind.

The Gauge boots contain 400 grams of 3M insulate which is graded to withstand temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite what is going on outside, inside of the high-cut boot your feet will be warm. The tough V-frame exoskeleton adds a ruggedness to the boot while working to repel water. These boots are able to wade in water with a current and still keep your feet completely dry. Rain becomes a non-factor to your feet when wearing the Gauge.

Varying sizes of pads along the sole of the boot provide superior traction. Though trails may be slick, the Gauge provides a more sure footing and prevents slipping or sliding. The insole of the boot is very comfortable and your foot seems to sink into the cushioning of the thick sole. Comfort is a necessity for long hikes and despite its rugged nature, the Gauge sacrifices no comfort. The only complaint is that hikers do lose some flexibility and movement due to the boot’s high cut; however, the high cut provides stability and protects your foot on uneven surfaces. Flexibility may also increase some as the boot receives more wear.

Little break-in period is necessary and the Gauge is ready to go right out of the box. A heel-cleat makes the boot perfect for snowshoeing as it keeps snowshoes in place. Gaiter loops at the base of the laces are another feature that make the boots outdoor-sport ready.

The boot runs slightly big, so depending on preference of fit, you may want to consider ordering a half-size smaller than normal for a snug fit. However, for a strong, comfortable, reliable boot, the Wolverine Gauge is a wonderful option. Your feet will be cozy and warm, safe from any element Mother Nature may wish to throw at them.

The Wolverine Gauge comes in two color options: a black or brown base. For more information about Wolverine boots or to purchase the Gauge for $172, visit


Image: The Gauge boot by Wolverine. Source: Wolverine