Join the Outdoor Rise Movement

Looking for a change of pace? A direct and meaningful experience with nature? A reason to get out of the office and into the outdoors? A day of free fun? Look no further – get involved with Outdoor Rise.

Outdoor Rise is a week-long festival of outdoor-themed adventures, classes, films, lectures, competitions and activities. From June 17-23, New Yorkers will be challenged to join the movement towards a better life spent outdoors. This week will be action-packed, with every event leading to increased levels of environmental, communal, and self-consciousness. It’s time to stop making excuses and start getting involved in your world. There are opportunities available for everyone, from the experienced outdoorsman to the sheltered office worker. Professionals and outdoor enthusiasts will scaffold these events to whet the thirst for adventure in everyone. Here’s a sampling of activities that will be offered:

There is a tremendous amount of diversity in the activities offered. Every event is free to the public and all are welcome. Larson Harley, one of New York’s finest upcoming photographers, will be curating a photography exhibit of some of America’s most breathtaking natural elements. Participants are welcome to join a reception with the artists after viewing the exhibit on June 17th, from 6-8:30pm. Other experienced and professional photographers will be hosting workshops that focus on drawing out our nation’s exquisite beauty through photography.

A children’s workshop will be offered to teach our youth how to detect and draw the simple beauties in nature. There will even be a photography competition involving a race to snap pictures of New York City’s iconic landmarks.

Physically challenging outdoor activities will also be included in the festival. Daily yoga retreats will be hosted during the mornings at Sheep Meadow in Central Park for participants who are eager to cleanse mind, soul, and body. Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, bouldering, and hiking will be provided for Americans eager to push themselves to learn new skills and hone natural talents.

Educational classes and lectures will be available for those thirsty for knowledge about how to participate responsibly and safely in our environment. Outdoor enthusiasts will provide accounts of their radical experiences in nature and will offer tips and stories for the general public. Numerous volunteering opportunities will be available for New Yorkers eager to learn about their environment and ready to give back to their community.

To register for free events, get information on details and times for the festivities, and to learn more about the Outdoor Rise movement, please visit This festival is sponsored by Discover Outdoors, a company dedicated to providing adventures to those seeking education and challenges. It’s time to make a commitment to enjoying our world together.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Outdoor Rise