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Native American Youth Summer Institute

Honoring Our Past ~ Envisioning Our Future

2007 Native American Youth Summer Institute

Northeast Native American communities have a long and rich connection to the Boston Harbor Islands. For many communities, the islands represent a place of survival, ceremony, feasts, and daily life. A major goal of Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area is to increase awareness of the history and lifeways of Native communities and provide further opportunities for reconnection.

Through the format of a Summer Institute for Native youth, we hope to develop a community-based model that engages youth in recording oral histories through video production. Youth learned how to use the audio, visual and editing equipment necessary to transform story into a medium that can be preserved and shared to a wider audience and across generations.

Instructors included elders and mentors from surrounding tribal communities who led workshops and storytelling lessons. Native American youth between the ages of 14 and 17 participated.

For further information contact Kristen Wyman at 617-223-8588.