Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge

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Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge


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Cahaba River NWR is one of nation's newest National Wildlife Refuges, the 540th in fact. Established May 13, 2002 for the purpose of protecting and managing a unique section of the Cahaba River and land adjacent to it. Cahaba River NWR is home to five federally listed species including the Cahaba shiner, goldline darter, round rocksnail, and cylindrical lioplax snail. Currently, the Refuge is 2,997 acres but planned acquisition efforts will bring the refuge up to 3,500 acres.

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Latitude, Longitude: 33.061443, -87.067422



  • Wildlife Watching

    The Cahaba River stretches for almost 200 miles and is Alabama's longest free-flowing stream. The river currently supports 64 rare and imperiled plant and animal species, 13 of which are found nowhere else in the world.

    Cahaba River has an abundance of vibrant wildflowers in the refuge.



Cahaba River NWR is located in Bibb County, Alabama, approximately six miles east of West Blockton on County road 24. Just before you cross the Cahaba River on CR 24 there is a gravel road on the right that leads to the river and the currently acquired portion of the Refuge.


The closest major airport is in Birmingham. A variety of car rental agencies is available.

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(256) 848-7085