California Desert Conservation Area

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California Desert Conservation Area


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Unique within the BLM, the California Desert District was created to protect the natural, historic, recreational and economic riches of the diverse and scenic California Desert. Designated as the California Desert Conservation Area by the U.S. Congress, the California Desert District is responsible for protecting and preserving nearly 11 million of its 25 million acres. The variety of recreational opportunities is tremendous. A visitor can enjoy hiking, hunting, camping, rockhounding, landsailing, sightseeing, and the use of off-highway recreational vehicles (OHVs). There is not specific address or location to go to as this is such a large area to explore. The best thing to do is to contact the main line at (951) 697-5200 for more information or just head out and explore the land. Make sure to bring plenty of water and food as desert temperatures can become quite warm in the summer months. Most of all make sure to enjoy the scenery.

Map of California Desert Conservation Area

Latitude, Longitude: 35.491984, -115.279541



  • Camping

    Camping, rockhounding, landsailing and sightseeing are great recreational opportunities.

  • Hiking

    Hiking is an opportunity.

  • Hunting

    Hunting is allowed

  • Off Highway Vehicles

    About 500,000 acres are designated as open to intensive OHV use, such as portions of the Imperial Sand Dunes that draw tens of thousands of visitors on holiday weekends. Another 4 million acres are closed to OHV use because they are located in designated wilderness areas or contain extremely sensitive resources. There is a large racing program in the desert, mainly in the open areas such as Johnson and Stoddard Valleys, Spangler Hills and the Superstition Mountains.

Phone Numbers


(951) 697-5200