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Map of Fort Pulaski

Latitude, Longitude: 32.027367, -80.892376

Weekend Getaway: Fort Pulaski National Monument

January 6, 2010, 9:16 am
When you hear “mother-daughter getaway,” military fortifications are likely not the first thing that come to mind (despite the delicate and sometimes volatile nature of these relationships). After a day of shopping and admiring the charming squares in Savannah, making special note of Chippewa Square where Forrest Gump quoted ...

Visitor Center and Museum

Exhibits inside the Visitor Center highlight Casimir Pulaski, General David Hunter, and Robert E. Lee. Learn about the construction of Fort Pulaski and the signifigance of the battle for Fort Pulaski in April 1862. Recent additions include a new high-definition presentation detailing the historic battle , as well as ...

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