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Alyssa Smokies, Natural, Cave Summary

Alyssa recaps her favorite memories of the first three park-stops on the tour.

First stop : Great Smokys

Finally away from the tall buildings and traffic jams of the city, the crew sets up ready to capture memorable park stories outside of a memorable park, the Great Smokys.

Smoky Mountains : GSMNP -- Our Favorite Park
GSMNP -- Our Favorite P...
David Coggins
Smoky Mountains
Smoky Mountains : Cades Cove - Early Morning
Cades Cove - Early Morn...
Zevi Tilles
Smoky Mountains
Experts shed light on synchronized fireflies

July 19, 2010, 12:52 pm
For two weeks every June, busloads of visitors gather in the Smoky Mountains for a sight that scientists once believed to be impossible: thousands of fireflies blinking in near-perfect unison, like strings of Christmas lights in the night air. "From the right angle, you can see an entire hillside flashing ...

Smoky Mountains : Smoky's Waterfall
Smoky's Waterfall
Bill Bruner
Smoky Mountains
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