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In Mammoth Cave Park is there any Clove, Comfrey, Devil's Shoestring, Fennell, Ginger, Hibiscus, Lobelia, Mugwort, Plantain,or Sullcap?
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6 years ago
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This one of the more challenging questions we've encourtered so far. I reached out to our friends over at the NPS to be sure to give you the correct answer.

All of the plants you mentioned can be found in Mammoth Cave, there are several species of Devil's Shoestring, Fennell, Skullcap, Hibiscus and Lobelia, Park Rangers would have a list of locations that they could be found at. 

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6 years ago
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Carter Caves State Resort Park and Kingdom Come State Park in eastern Kentucky can be added to the list of state and national parks who have noted white-nose syndrome (WNS) among their bat populations.

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