Highline Lake State Park

Biking At Highline Lake State Park

Biking - 7/3/2009
PLEASE NOTE THAT the section of the Highline Lake Trail between the inlet bridge and the east side vault toilets near the Watchable Wildlife kiosk WILL BE CLOSED ON JULY 6, 2009 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, to allow construction in the east boat ramp area. Choose either the Maps and Directions or the Trails link at left for maps of the affected areas. Bikers will still have several trails in the park to choose from. The 3.5 mile Highline Lake Trail circles Highline Lake; there are several bonus loops that provide challenges and unique views. For a real challenge, ride the world famous 18 Hours of Fruita Trail; mountain bikers use this trail during the annual 18 hour endurance race that puts Highline Lake at the center of the mountain biking world the first weekend of every May. The park is also close to the North Fruita Desert trail system and the Kokopelli Trail head, as well as the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. There is a map available at the park for biking from Highline Lake to the 18 Road complex, on only rural roads. Ask for it! The campground makes a perfect base camp for all of these biking opportunities. After using the trails, many bikers swim at the swimbeach or fish in the lakes, then enjoy campfires and the star-filled night sky from their campsite!


Drive west on I-70 west from Grand Junction to Loma Exit, then north onto Colorado Highway 139 for six miles to Q Road. Go west on Q road for 1.2 miles, then turn north onto 11.8 Road for one mile to the park entrance.