Highline Lake State Park

Boating At Highline Lake State Park

Boating - 6/25/2009
There are two lakes at Highline Lake State Park, Mack Mesa Lake and Highline Lake. Highline Lake is open to power boating, jet skiing, water skiing, sailboating and sailboarding from March 1st, lake conditions permitting, through September 30th. On weekends May through Labor Day, the lake regularly reaches capacity, requiring boats to wait to enter until another one leaves. As an alternative, weekdays and evenings during boating season, are a great time to bring the boat to Highline Lake! Please note that the EAST RAMP IS CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! ALL BOATS MUST LAUNCH AND BE INSPECTED AT THE WEST RAMP! Be Advised - aquatic nuisance species inspection of all watercraft entering Highline Lake is mandatory. ANY WATER found will lead to decontamination procedures. Boaters are advised to CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY all watercraft BEFORE entering the park, to reduce waiting time to enter the water. For information about The State of Colorado Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Regulations, click on the Boating link above. Park rangers patrol Highline Lake regularly to provide emergency assistance and carry out boat safety inspections on the lakes within the park. All boats must carry the appropriate safety equipment outlined in Colorado boating regulations and statutes. Since underwater hazards may not be marked, use caution when boating. Mack Mesa Lake is restricted to hand or electric-motor powered boating only.


There are two lakes at Highline Lake State Park, Mack Mesa Lake and Highline Lake

Drive west on I-70 west from Grand Junction to Loma Exit, then north onto Colorado Highway 139 for six miles to Q Road. Go west on Q road for 1.2 miles, then turn north onto 11.8 Road for one mile to the park entrance.