Highline Lake State Park

Forests/Natural Areas in Highline Lake (CO)

Birding At Highline Lake State Park

Birding - 6/25/2009 Named an important birding area by the National Audubon Society, over 200 species of birds have been observed at Highline Lake State Park, including Vermilion Flycatcher, extremely rare in Western Colorado; pelicans; blue herons; osprey; bald and golden eagles; owls; sandhill cranes; loons; loggerhead shrike and Cooper's ...

Highline Lake State Park Nature

Highline Lake State Park Nature Seven species of lizards and the wandering garter snake have been observed on uplands. Rocky Mountain toad, tiger salamander and leopard frog occupy more mesic or aquatic habitats. Mule deer are a common sight, as are cottontail rabbit, coyote, raccoon, striped skunk, muskrat and beaver. Ecologically, ...

Wildlife Viewing At Highline Lake State Park

Wildlife Viewing - 6/25/2009 Wildlife and waterfowl are abundant year round at Highline Lake. There are Watchable Wildlife Kiosks at either side of Highline Lake. These accessible educational shelters contain information about the wildlife in the park as well as viewing scopes for up-close viewing. See the Photo Gallery for ...