Colonial National Historical Park

Colonial National Historical Park

Just For Kids

For Kids

For our younger visitors we have several special family oriented programs.  These include Junior Ranger, Young Soldier and Pinch Pot.  The Young Soldier and Pinch Pot programs are specific to Yorktown and Jamestown respectively.

Junior Ranger Program:
Both Jamestown and Yorktown have a Junior Ranger program. The program is designed for visitors between the ages of 6-12. The booklets for this program can be purchased from the gift shops at each site for a nominal fee of $1.75. It generally takes about two hours or more to complete the program and gives our young visitors, and their parents, a good background into the history of each site. At the successful completion of the booklets each prospective Junior Ranger will be awarded a certificate and patch designating them a Junior Ranger of Jamestown or Yorktown.

Young Soldiers Program:
Join a costumed Interpreter at Yorktown to learn about life as a soldier during the American Revolution. Program includes a hands on activity. This program is conducted from mid-June to mid-August. Program times are staff dependent.  Please review the Yorktown web site for additional information about this program.

This Jamestown hands-on 20 minute children's program will introduce participants to how the American Indians and English settlers made and used pottery. Each child receives a small ball of clay to make a souvenir pot using the pinch method employed by American Indians. All families with children are encouraged to attend. The program is conducted next to the Glasshouse Ruins at Glasshouse Point. Program times are 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. daily June 17, 2006 through August 20, 2006. This program is staff and weather dependent.  This program will be canceled during inclement weather.  Please visit our Jamestown web site for additional information and times for this program.