Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park

Just For Kids

Death Valley National Park has a host of activities to entice visitors of all ages—including programs just for kids. Visiting the park presents a great opportunity to have fun and learn something about the biology, geology and history that's all around you. If you want to learn all you can about Death Valley National Park, then:

Become a Junior Ranger

Young people are eligible to become junior rangers. You can pick up the junior ranger packet at the front desk of the visitor center, complete the fun activities inside and receive a free Death Valley junior ranger badge. The badge is a replica of the National Park Service badge with features specific to Death Valley. Junior Ranger patches are also available upon completion of the junior ranger activities at park bookstores for a small fee.

Explore Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is full of vast and incredible geology. Convince mom and dad to take you on an extraordinary tour that you'll never forget. You'll find colorful cliffs, sliding stones and eerie salt flats. See "Sights to See" on pages 30—37 of this guide for ideas and directions. Remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints. 

Slide Down a Sand Dune

Although sand dunes make up only a small percent of this desert, the ones you find at Death Valley will put any sandbox you've played in to shame! Don't leave the park until you have tromped and tumbled down the 100-foot dunes at Mesquite Flat. Tell your parents the sand dunes are about two miles east of Stovepipe Wells Village—23 miles northwest of the Furnace Creek Visitor Center—on Highway 190.

Become a Web Ranger

Want to bring national park fun to your computer? Learn more about national parks and help plan your trip by visiting home.htm. Explore the parks in a whole new way as you play interactive and educational games on the web.

Take a Trip Back in Time

Want to learn about Death Valley's most popular destination? Join National Park Rangers for an unusual and entertaining tour of Scotty's Castle. Learn everything there is to know about the extraordinary building (which is neither a castle nor Scotty's—find out why!) Tours are $11 for adults and $6 for children. Call (760) 786-2392 for more information. Scotty's Castle is located on Route 5 in the northern part of the park.