Fishlake National Forest

Bullion Canyon - Canyon of Gold Driving Tour

This web site is based on an informative brochure created in a partnership involving the Fishlake National Forest; the town of Marysvale, Utah; Piute County, Utah; and volunteers involved in the Passport in Time volunteer project for the restoration of trails and artifacts in Bullion Canyon. While this web site closely matches the brochure, it has been changed slightly to take advantage of the interactive nature of the World Wide Web. There are enlargements of the photographs and drawings, which often show much more detail than the smaller version on the web page or the smaller version in the printed brochure. There are also links within each page to direct the reader to other pages within the site or to external sites that have related information.

Use the list below to access each of the stops along the Canyon of Gold Driving Tour. You may also click on each stop identified on the map to access each page that describes the history, artifacts and area at each stop.

* Trailhead This is the beginning of the driving tour. Set your trip odometer to zero.
* Stop 1 - Toll Road
* Stop 2 - Mill Stables .85 miles from trailhead
* Stop 3 - Witt Tate Mine 1.5 miles from trailhead
* Stop 4 - Dalton Mill and Boarding House 1.75 miles from trailhead
* Stop 5 - Arrastra 1.8 miles from trailhead
* Stop 6 - Bullion City 2.15 miles from the trailhead
* Stop 7 - Gibbs Cabin Site 2.2 miles from the trailhead
* Stop 8 - Bully Boy Mill 2.25 miles from the trailhead
* Stop 9 - Miner's Park Historical Trail 2.5 miles from the trailhead

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