Fishlake National Forest

Forests/Natural Areas in Fishlake Nat'l Forest

Monroe Mountain

The dark, somber hues of the rocks comprising Monroe Mountain, also known as the Sevier Plateau, stand in stark contrast to the vivid colors of the Colorado Plateau to the east. This does not mean, however, that the plateau has had a bland history. To the contrary, the mountain ...

Pahvant Range and Canyon Mountains

The Pahvant Range runs from Clear Creek Canyon at the south to Scipio Pass on the north. From there, the Canyon Mountains extend northward to the Sevier River at Leamington Canyon, the lowest point in the Fishlake National Forest. The Pahvant Range truly has a split personality, as the ...

Salina Canyon

The geologic history of the Salina Canyon area probably sounds more like science fiction than true science. And maybe it should start out: "Long ago and far away." For what is now a high desert more than a thousand miles from the ocean was once a humid coastal swamp ...

Tushar Mountains

Forest: Fishlake National Forest District: Beaver Ranger District Description: The Tushar Mountains are located east of Beaver, Utah, about 190 miles south of Salt Lake City. Rising to over 12,000 feet in elevation, the Tushars are the third-highest mountain range in Utah (behind the Uinta and the LaSal mountain ranges). The ...