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Flight 93 National Memorial is pleased to present two new Junior Ranger activities for children, as well as provide an accompanying booklet for parents and caring adults.

We realize that many children may struggle with the concept of what happened on September 11th. We firmly believe that these Junior Ranger activities should be parent or caring adult driven, and are intended to be done on-site at the temporary memorial. The booklets may all be downloaded ahead of time, and can be used as a great introduction for your visit.

The Junior Ranger Parent and Caring Adult Guide suggests ways to assist children in better understanding their visit to the Flight 93 National Memorial. It begins with general guidelines for children of all ages; goes deeper into guidelines for both younger and older children; and provides some tips for how to use the activity booklets with your children. The topics discussed in the Guide may or may not affect your child in particular. You know your child best; you can decide what fits best for your child.

The activity booklets are not defined specifically by age or by grade. You can decide where your child is in this continuum of development, which development level applies best, and what your child is ready to talk about or handle. The activity booklets can be adapted to your child's level.

The Junior Ranger Storybook for Younger Children can be read before, during or after a visit to the Flight 93 Memorial site. It is about tributes being left at the temporary memorial and how they honor the passengers and crew of Flight 93. The following tributes are explained in particular: firefighter and police gear, badges, flags, hats, the benches at the site, and the 40 angels at the edge of the site as you look over the field.

The Junior Ranger Journal for Older Children is to help them remember what they see and think about as they visit. There could be some pages they want to skip, or they may want to think more and write in it when they get home. There are questions to answer, either by words, drawings, or however else your child wishes to express themselves.

Soon, these booklets will be available at the site. In the meantime, we invite you to download them and help your child connect with the story of Flight 93. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Thank you.

Junior Ranger Parent or Caring Adult Guide

Junior Ranger Storybook for Younger Children

Junior Ranger Journal for Older Children