Sprewell Bluff State Park

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Sprewell Bluff State Park


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This little-known gem on the Flint River is the perfect location for a daytime getaway. Visitors can cool off in the gently flowing river, skip rocks across the water, picnic on the river's edge or toss horseshoes in a grassy field. A three-mile trail winds along the bank and up rocky bluffs, offering excellent views from high above the river. A boat ramp is available for canoeists, kayakers, rafters and anglers. Canoes may be rented from nearby outfitters, and camping and cottages are available 25 miles west at F.D. Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain.

Map of Sprewell Bluff (GA)

Latitude, Longitude: 32.856832, -84.468394



  • Boating

    A boat ramp is included in the facilities at the state park.

  • Fishing

    Opportunities for bass and catfish fishing are available at Sprewell Bluff.

  • Hiking

    Sprewell Bluff provides three miles of hiking trails including: The Natural Dam Trail - this trail is a geological feature, composed of Quartzite rock, forming a shelf, which spans the width of the Flint River. You will see species of plants and animals representing the coastal plain, piedmont and the North Georgia Mountains along this diverse trail. There is a trail head, scenic overlook, sandbar/cobble beach and natural dam along this trail. The Longlead Pine Loop Trail - 1.9-mile trail showcases plants and animals unique to the Flint River Habitat. There is a trail head, rock steps, picnic table, old home remains, longleaf pine trees and stream along this trail.

  • Picnicking

    The park maintains a picnic area with grills provided.


During the day, average highs in Thomaston, GA during the summer months run from 81 to 90 degrees F; in the fall from 63 to 83 degrees F; in the winter from 51 to 57 degrees F; and spring from 73 to 81 degrees F. At night, average lows during the summer months run from 58 to 69 degrees F; during the fall from 42 to 63 degrees F; the winter from 33 to 35 degrees F; and spring from 42 to 58 degrees F.



Located 10 miles west of Thomaston. From Ga. Hwy. 74 turn on Old Alabama Road and go south 6 miles to the park.

Phone Numbers


(706) 646-6026