Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Who's Who

National Park Service (NPS) 

The NPS is responsible for the overall management of Grand Canyon National Park. As a branch of the federal Department of the Interior, the NPS has responsibility for preserving the natural and cultural values of our national parks, protecting the wildlife therein, and providing for the public use and enjoyment of the parks. The NPS cooperates with other agencies and organizations to extend the benefits of resource conservation, preservation and outdoor recreation to all park visitors. Contact the NPS at Grand Canyon National Park Headquarters, P.O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023; call (928) 638-7888;

Xanterra South Rim

Xanterra has contracted with the NPS to operate hotels, restaurants, sightseeing tours, retail shops, a service station and many other visitor services. Xanterra currently operates all lodges within Grand Canyon National Park and continues to create and maintain pleasant visitor facilities at the park. The company's mission is to preserve the famous Fred Harvey tradition of service and to maximize the visitor experience, while protecting the Grand Canyon as a national treasure. For more details, contact Xanterra at P.O. Box 699, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023; (928) 638-2631; or visit

Grand Canyon Association 

The Grand Canyon Association (GCA) is a nonprofit, cooperating association whose mission is to assist the NPS with interpretation and visitor- related activities at Grand Canyon. The association publishes literature about Grand Canyon and operates bookstores in the park.

Since its founding in 1932, GCA has donated in excess of 26 million in financial support to the NPS. Recently, the association contributed funds for the Kolb Studio restoration and the installation of more than 150 park wayside exhibits. For membership applications and information, stop by one of GCA's bookstores or contact the Grand Canyon Association at P.O. Box 399, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023; (928) 638-2481; or visit

Grand Canyon Field Institute

A program of GCA, the Field Institute provides visitors with a firsthand learning experience about Grand Canyon. Classes for 2007 run from February through November and cover geology, ecosystems, botany, ornithology, photography, art, history and archeology. GCA members receive a discount on most classes. Some programs are wheelchair-accessible. Please call (928) 638-2485 or visit for more information. -

Grand Canyon National Park Foundation

The park's official fundraiser, the foundation supports projects and programs approved by the park superintendent that directly benefit Grand Canyon and its visitors. Funding supports restoration, preservation and protection of the park's scenery, natural areas and wildlife. The foundation is a nonprofit organization supported by contributions from individuals, private foundations and corporations. For information, contact the Grand Canyon National Park Foundation, 625 North Beaver Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001; (928) 774-1760;

2007 Grand Canyon Trust

Grand Canyon Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the canyon country of the Colorado Plateau. Headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Trust has field offices in Moab and St. George, Utah. The Trust focuses upon sustaining and restoring the Greater Grand Canyon region, an area encompassing some 11.5 million acres that includes Grand Canyon National Park, the new Grand Canyon— Parashant National Monument, and Flagstaff. Former secretaries of the interior Stewart Udall and Bruce Babbitt are among founding trustees. Contact Grand Canyon Trust, 2601 North Ft. Valley Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. For more information call (928) 774-7488; or visit online at