Fishtrap Lake State Park

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Fishtrap Lake State Park


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A man-made lake surrounded by natural beauty, Fishtrap Lake was created to help control flooding along the Ohio and Big Sandy Rivers. The Army Corps of Engineers broke ground on the project in 1962, and President Lyndon Johnson dedicated the project upon its completion in 1968. Nestled among mountains and dense forests, the Fishtrap Lake area will appeal to anyone who loves boating, fishing or hiking. But don't be surprised if the other visitors you meet as you wander around the park area aren't of the human variety; this site is well-known as a haven for deer, raccoons and even the occasional grouse.

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  • Fishing

    Throw in your line and catch a variety of species.

  • Picnicking

    The park offers several group and individual picnic sites, along with several picnic shelters. Shelters are available for rent up to one year in advance.

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(606) 437-7496