Lake Abert and Abert Rim

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Lake Abert and Abert Rim


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Lake Abert is the third-largest saline body of water in North America. Brine shrimp in the lake provide the food supply for a number of bird species. The brine shrimp are the only large animals that live in the lake. Abert Rim skirts the edges of the lake and is the largest geological fault in North America, which towers 2,500 feet above the valley floor in the Great Basin country of Eastern Oregon's high desert. Abert Lake is at the northernmost base of the rim. Driving along the rim is one of the best ways to see stunning views of the valleys, lakes, and peaks that mark this area.

Road weary travelers on Highway 395 between Lakeview and Burns can enjoy a picnic lunch at the BLM managed Highway Well Rest Area where all facilities are located.

Map of Lake Abert & Abert Rim

Latitude, Longitude: 42.568253, -120.212402



  • Hiking

    Hiking around the rim and surrounding lowlands offers stunning views of Lake Abert.

  • Hunting

    Mule deer are common in the area. Hunting is subject to Oregon regulations and permits. Check with BLM for current information.

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(541) 947-2177