Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

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Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

New Mexico

(505) 425-3581

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Resting on a plateau with the Rocky Mountains towering to the west, Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge preserves crucial plant and wildlife habitats. This unique refuge provides an important resting, feeding, and wintering area for migrating geese, ducks, and cranes. At 8,672 acres, the refuge is comprised of native grasslands, croplands, marshes, ponds, timbered canyons, and streams that make this area a haven for over 250 species of birds. Walk one of the nature trails or drive through the heart of the refuge, seeing how many different birds you can observe.

Map of Las Vegas NWR

Latitude, Longitude: 35.508195, -105.167484



  • Auto/Motorcycle

    Take a drive on the scenic, eight-mile horseshoe loop, that leads you through the heart of the Refuge. Driving the loop road allows visitors to enjoy scenic views and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities in a diversity of habitats including ponds, lakes, marshes, grasslands, cottonwood stands and brush thickets.

  • Hiking

    Enjoy a quiet, secluded canyon walk along the half-mile Gallinas Nature Trail, or a short walk along the Prairie Trail at the Refuge headquarters.

  • Hunting

    The refuge conducts two public hunts annually. Both are controlled, limited-take hunts which are allowed on a small portion of the refuge. Dove hunting is permitted on 840 acres of the Refuge from September 1st through the 30th. The refuge also hosts a quality goose hunt, which typically extends from late November through December. This hunt is also a permit-only hunt.



Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge is located about seven miles southeast of the town of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Follow I-25 to the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Take exit 345 off I-25 at the second Las Vegas exit (from either direction). Drive east on NM State Highway 104 for one-and-a-half-miles, then turn south on NM State Highway 281. Drive approximately four-and-a-half-miles to the refuge office.

Phone Numbers


(505) 425-3581


(505) 425-3581