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Baxter State Park is a large wilderness area permanently preserved as a state park, located in Piscataquis County in north-central Maine. The Park was established by 28 donations of land, in Trust, from Park donor Percival P. Baxter between the years of 1931 and 1962, eventually creating a Park of over 200,000 acres (809 km2) in size.

There are over 40 peaks and ridges besides Katahdin in the Park. The trail system features over 215 miles of trails popular with hikers, mountain climbers and naturalists. Baxter State Park operates eight roadside campgrounds and two backcountry campgrounds. There are also numerous individual backcountry sites for backpackers.

The Park is now a premier year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts. A year-round staff of 22 swells to about 61 in the summer, including office administration and reservation personnel, field and law enforcement rangers and resource specialists. Roughly 60,000 people visit the park in the summer months. Some stay for 10 nights, some visit only for one day. As visitation increases and the world becomes more complex, Park managers face new challenges daily that threaten to undermine the magnificent gift that Baxter left for all generations of Maine citizens to cherish.

Map of Baxter (ME)

Latitude, Longitude: 46.031944, -68.929722



  • Boating

    Bring your own or rent a kayak or canoe and enjoy all of the water areas that Baxter has to offer! Motors are not permitted on most Park ponds, but are allowed on Matagamon, Webster and Nesowadnehunk Lakes. The use of motors 10 HP or less are permitted on Upper and Lower Togue Pond.

  • Bird Watching

    Baxter State Park is home to a wide variety of birds so be sure to bring binoculars and a camera!

  • Bicycling

    Bicycling is allowed on the main Park Tote Road.

  • Camping

    Summer and winter camping is available at Baxter; be sure to call the main number as reservations are required.

  • Fishing

    Fishing is allowed in all bodies of water but it is a requirement to follow the State of Maine Open Water Fishing Regulations.

  • Hiking

    There are numerous trails available for the average hiker or for those who are practiced and skilled in off trail travel, or "bushwhacking" is the opportunity to explore lesser known areas. There are some peaks in the Park that are purposely left without trails to the summit. Please take time to study the Leave No Trace guidelines and practice them if you venture off trail.

  • Picnicking

    Please see the link above in regards to designated picnic areas.

  • Water Sports

    Enjoy swimming, boating, paddling, and conoeing!

  • Wildlife Watching

    Around every twist and turn on every trail is the opportunity to view the incredible variety of wildlife that Baxter has to offer! Keep your eyes scanning the land, air, and water for a chance to see Maine's bountiful wildlife.

  • Winter Sports

    Baxter is a great area for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, winter hiking and many other fun winter sports.

    Note: there is no plowed vehicular access in the winter; all access to the park in winter months is on foot or via snowmobiles, with the snowmobiles allowed on the Park Tote Road only. Camping reservations require a minimum lead time of seven days due to the expeditionary nature of winter travel in the park.


Baxter State Park is located in New England so be prepared for warm summers and cold winters.

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(207) 723-5140