Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park

Just For Kids


A Walk in the Woods

Walk the Trail of the Shadows at Longmire or the Hot Springs Trail at Ohanapecosh. These and other short nature trails have self-guiding booklets or interpretive trail exhibits and are great fun.

Campfire Program

In summer, kids can join a park naturalist for a guided walk or campfire program.

Visit a Nature Center

Check out the visitor centers at Paradise, Longmire and Ohanapecosh, which have touch tables and sound exhibits.

Go on a Photo Safari

Play with a point-and-shoot camera. Go on a photo "scavenger hunt" and take pictures of special flowers, glaciers, big trees and other park features. At home, use the photos to make a vacation scrapbook.


Junior Rangers

The Junior Ranger program has games and activities that help you learn about the park's plants and animals. Pick up a Junior Ranger booklet ($1 donation requested) at any visitor center or ranger station and complete the activities listed inside. Then a park ranger will sign you up as a Junior Ranger and give you a badge. Check at a visitor center or ranger station for more information. 

Take a Hike 

Many short nature trails have self-guiding booklets and are great fun. Hike the 0.75-mile Hall of Mosses Trail in the Hoh Rain Forest or the one-mile Quinault Loop Trail at Lake Quinault in the Olympic National Forest. 

See, Hear and Touch 

How would you like to hold a deer antler, feel a bit of animal fur or listen to a coyote howl? You can also dress as a ranger and visit a "mini" ranger station, solve giant puzzles, pretend you're a small salmon trying to reach the ocean or play computer games about the park. Spend some time in the Children's Discovery Room at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center in Port Angeles.

Walk with a Park Ranger 

Get the real scoop on nature from an NPS ranger on a guided walk during the summer. On a forest walk, see if you can find a banana slug, a salamander or maybe even a Roosevelt elk! On a tide pool walk, you might get to see a sea star or watch an octopus turn different colors.