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Names Hill, on the cliffs rising above the Green River, is one of three locations along the Oregon Trail where emigrants registered their presence. Here they camped and carved their names into the soft limestone. The earlist dates back to 1822 (making it the oldest pioneer inscription in Wyoming), but the most famous is that of mountain man Jim Bridger, who despite reportedly being unable to read or write, left his mark here in 1844.

Names Hill was located near a heavily used crossing of the Green River. The earliest human recordings at the site are Native American pictographs. European American names began appearing as early as 1822 as mountain men crossed the river on their way to the beaver streams of the Western Rocky Mountains. In 1844, Caleb Greenwood and Isaac Hitchcock lead the first wagon train over what would later be called the Sublette-Greenwood Cutoff, along the way crossing the Green River at Names Hill. The wagon trails would rest at the Green River following a 40-miles waterless trek across the prairie, providing an opportunity for travelers to add their names to the hill. The James Bridger "signature" is enclosed by chain-link fencing. A couple of historic markers identify the site and signature so it is easy to locate.

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Latitude, Longitude: 42.174944, -110.188215



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    Camping is available near the site.

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34-miles north of Kemmerer on US 189.

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(307) 367-4358