Eagle Nest Lake State Park

Eagle Nest Lake State Park


“Green Building” Features at New Eagle Nest Lake State Park Visitor Center

The Visitor Center at Eagle Nest Lake State Park seeks to be an example as to how buildings can be compatible with nature. One of the main purposes of the visitor center is to introduce and enhance people’s experience in nature, with the hope they will love and protect the natural environment for generations to come. The thoughtful construction of the building and site supporting it demonstrate park’s commitment to conservation and restoration of the natural environment. The park is currently seeking the stringent LEED Gold certification.

Here’s an overview of the special green features of the visitor center:

Sustainable Features Pertaining to the Site:
• All current development is limited to previously developed land.
• Almost half of the previously disturbed land is restored with native planting.
• Grading directs all storm runoff to landscaped areas.
• All landscaping is native species, low water using on efficient drip irrigation.
• Extensive outdoor spaces, including covered outdoor classroom with Rumford fireplace.
• Building forms and colors integrate building with the natural landscape.

Sustainable Features Pertaining to Energy Conservation:
• High insulation value walls, roof and windows, combined with passive solar heating, ventilation and lighting along with solar PV array and wind turbine provide a building that produces most of the energy it uses.
• Solar photovoltaic electric panels, with wind turbine produce electricity with a grid-tied system.
• Vertical axis wind turbine- quiet and easy on the birds.
• Super high efficiency windows- triple glazed, insulated fiberglass frames, “tuned” to direction to maximize winter solar gain (passive solar heating), minimize summer solar gain.
• Continuous ridge skylight- effective natural daylighting provides most lighting needs without electric lights.
• Natural ventilation and special solar powered heat recovery ventilators.
• Energy efficient lighting controlled with occupancy and light level sensors.
• Structural Insulating Panel roof system- very high insulation value.
• Insulated radiant heat slab with electric boiler powered by on site generated renewable electricity.

Sustainable Features Pertaining to Materials Conservation:
• Most materials are recycled, support recycling, are themselves waste products, reduce material use, are locally produced, manufactured, and/or quarried and are selected to keep the air inside fresh and non-toxic.
• Straw bale walls- use very low embodied energy, high insulation value agricultural waste product.
• Special foundation design that substantially reduces concrete use.
• Most wood is Forest Stewardship Council certified.
• No additional floor finishes other than colored concrete.
• Recycled plastic toilet partitions.
• Recycled newspaper insulation.
• Recycled paper countertops and windowsills.
• High recycled content steel studs and roofing.
• High recycled content gypsum wallboard.
• Large proportion of materials locally produced.
• Most construction waste recycled.
• Recycling Center for staff and visitors.
• GreenGuard certified furniture with high recycled content and FSC wood.
• No or low VOC paints, stains, varnishes and sealants keep air fresh.